Cano Returns to the Bronx – Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 7:05PM Eastern Standard Time

The time has come for the traitor to play his first game against our boys in the Bronx. Robinson Cano returns to play against the Yankees today at 7:05PM EST. Cano thus far is hitting .301 with 1 homer and Continue reading

Robinson Cano Asks Mariners for Help!

Only a few weeks into spring training and Robinson Cano is already asking the Mariners for help. Apparently Cano never looked at the Mariners roster before taking their $240,000,000. It has dawned on Cano that the Mariners line up is Continue reading

Saying Robinson Cano Doesn’t Hustle is Like Calling the Sky Blue

Personally this is much to do about nothing. It’s no secret that Robinson Cano doesn’t run hard on ground balls and doesn’t run out pop ups. Us Yankees fans have been witness to Robinson Cano standing at home plate thinking Continue reading

Robinson Cano “It wasn’t about money, it was about the years.”

After arriving from home from work last night I tuned into ESPN and came across an interview with Robinson Cano after his introduction by the Seattle Mariners. During this interview Cano stated that he was not comfortable with the negotiation Continue reading